Master of Study.

A remake of a Japanese drama Dragon Zakura.

Based on the famous Japanese manga
The protagonist Kang Sok Ho worked as a lawyer. He worked himself to work, and suddenly it occurred to make sure that students are “in an armored train”, which does not want to learn, and their evaluation is poor, come to his senses. The goal in front of these students will be placed is not simple, they will go to the most prestigious university in Korea. Of course, such “Napoleonic” plans, few of the students believed, let alone adults, but Kang Sok-ho not so easy to give up. Our hero chose five students who will participate in his mad venture, has remained one problem, how to report it disciples. No one wants to become a laughingstock and fill up the examination at the University Cho Ha, nobody wants to waste all the time cramming. But here, Kang Sok-ho does not give up, so it is something to everyone “armored” finds its control lever. Now our lawyer and his students will embark on a difficult and dangerous journey to the country nevyuchenhyh lessons in the world of knowledge.

Master of Study...

Эротика восхищает даже женщин, которые любят секс. Девки могут давать в анал и делать минет, но им может быть это не по нраву. Ведь жопа создана для того, чтобы срать, а не ебаться туда. Индивидуалки забивают на это и за трах в задницу просят денег. Путаны, бляди, шлюхи точно такие же: эскорт услуги предлагать любят. Это как анимешники любят хентай, аниме и мангу, так и шалавы обожают порево и порнуху. Ведь порнуха - это сила. Такие дела, не забывайте про гей знакомства, если вы транс Москвы или Самары. Во Владивостоке точно так же обстоят дела.