This is the story of two women, Co Yoon Eun and Han Yoo Kyung coming to their targets completely different ways.

With Yoon Eun - strong and courageous, she grew up in an orphanage, and more experienced, but in spite of that, she’s also gives its heat to the surrounding. Yoon Eun harbors the hope to find his mother, if he becomes a star and will strive to achieve the goal with all the force of his noble and pure nature. In opposition to it, Han Yoo Kyung wants to learn the secret of his birth and is ready to do anything to get revenge.
The name “The Thorn Birds” reflects the character With Yong, who gets better and cleaner, even though the test .. “..the a legend - about the bird that sings just once in his entire life, but all the more beautiful in the world. Once she leaves the nest and flies to seek bramble bush and will not rest until he finds. Among the prickly branches of a song she sings and throws chest on the longest, sharpest thorn. And towering over the unspeakable agony, so singing, dying, that this exultant song would envy and a lark, and the nightingale. Only, the incomparable singing, and she goes to the cost of living. But the whole world stops to listen, and God himself smiling in heaven. For all the best purchased only at the price of great suffering … “


Эротика восхищает даже женщин, которые любят секс. Девки могут давать в анал и делать минет, но им может быть это не по нраву. Ведь жопа создана для того, чтобы срать, а не ебаться туда. Индивидуалки забивают на это и за трах в задницу просят денег. Путаны, бляди, шлюхи точно такие же: эскорт услуги предлагать любят. Это как анимешники любят хентай, аниме и мангу, так и шалавы обожают порево и порнуху. Ведь порнуха - это сила. Такие дела, не забывайте про гей знакомства, если вы транс Москвы или Самары. Во Владивостоке точно так же обстоят дела.